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Stressed out? How to switch off on holiday

In the words of that great legend Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” 


Fast forward 30 or so years, and things have far from slowed down. Between work, school runs, deadlines and meetings, you’re lucky to get a moment to yourself, let alone think beyond next month. 


If you're stressing about switching off on your well earned break, try these tips first published on Muddy Stilettos...


The truth about clarity & confidence

Whichever area you work within, you will find common recurring themes.


Often, as a coach, it’s the need for clarity & confidence that I see most often. 

The clarity to clearly map out a path to see where you can make a purposeful impact.

The confidence to up your game, go big, and know you can make a difference.

The thing is, most people are looking at clarity and confidence from the wrong angle.

Working at home

A created life

One of the biggest frustrations among high performers is that, over time, the tools and practices they’ve always counted on to move them toward their goals, suddenly begin to loose their effectiveness and don’t seem to work as they once did.

Instead, they become the very things that hold them back from moving to the level.

The truth is that you can’t possibly be at your best unless you create some space in your diary to think, acknowledge what's not working & let them go. 


The truth about leadership

In my countless interviews with leaders and high achievers, I’ve found two common threads that are impossible for me to ignore; dark, flip sides to their success. The sides they'll rarely discuss openly.


The truth is, leadership is messy. Whether you’re leading a company, a sports team, or a country, it takes sacrifice and selflessness to be an effective leader. Despite outward appearances, it can very often be the loneliest role on the planet.


Great leaders are, without a doubt, selfless. But the flip side to this is that it can eventually lead to burnout as they consistently give more and more of themselves to those around them.

What They're Saying

Huge thanks to all my clients, past & present for your trust & belief in my work.
Always a pleasure.

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If you’re looking for the next step in your personal and professional development connect with Tracey Duke from Exeter Real. I have been lucky enough to work with and be coached by Tracey and quite honestly couldn’t recommend her highly enough! Open, honest and game changing!