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What Burning Man 2023 Teaches Us About Navigating Chaos

In the ongoing aftermath of Burning Man 2023's unexpected challenges, we delve into the essence of crisis management. Drawing from military discipline, sports agility, and business continuity plans, we explore how to navigate life's muddy terrains and emerge stronger.


Rethinking Recognition: Do Distinct Labels Serve or Stifle Women’s Sports?

The Lionesses' ascent to the Women's FIFA World Cup Final in Australia underscores the burgeoning prominence of women's sport. As arenas swell with fans and broadcasts draw record global viewership, two pressing questions emerge: When will this be termed simply 'sport' instead of 'women’s sport', and is there harm in clarity, especially when women's teams are scaling new heights?


England '23 - A Masterclass In Handling Setbacks

Lauren James's World Cup episode far transcends football. We analyse how this incident reflects the evolving paradigm of leadership—a blend of compassion and accountability—and its profound implications for leaders across spheres.


Air Chaos: When Tech Fails, Leaders Step Up

In the wake of a recent air traffic control failure that threw the UK airline industry into disarray, we examine the critical role of leadership in mitigating technological breakdowns. By diving into contrasting approaches from key players and evaluating the balance between tech-reliance and human intervention, we explore how effective leadership can steer us through moments of crisis.


Athletes Under The Lens

The recent red cards involving elite athletes Lauren James and Owen Farrell, underscore the paramount importance of leadership. As digital scrutiny intensifies, stellar leadership is no longer a luxury; it becomes the crucial bulwark protecting athletes from overwhelming pressures and unforgiving spotlights.


The Ruck and Roar of France: Insights on Rugby World Cup '23

As France readies its fields, the 2023 Rugby World Cup emerges not just as a sporting spectacle, but a tale of passion, politics, and transformation. Beyond tries and tackles, we explore the undercurrents—from unexpected qualifications to off-pitch struggles. Dive into the multifaceted narrative of Rugby World Cup '23.

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