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Navigating Life's Uncharted Territories:
A Deep Dive with Nicki Bass

From the moment our Zoom call connects, it's clear this won't be your ordinary chat about leadership and resilience. Nicki Bass, radiating authenticity, greets me with a warm smile from her home office in Bournemouth. Here is someone whose life embodies a myriad of roles: a military veteran with operational experience, a dedicated academic pursuing a Doctorate in Occupational Psychology, and a devoted adventure seeker who is as comfortable on a snowboard as she is in a boardroom.

Enjoy the read. Stay inspired. Stay curious. 




"I speak of resilience not as some conceptual buzzword but as a lived, breathed reality," she explains as we settle into our chat. And when she outlines her philosophy—mastering the ability to handle any challenge or trauma that comes her way—it's hard not to see her as a real-life catalyst for change.


Breaking Gender Norms: A Multidimensional Approach to Leadership

Nicki isn't about fulfilling conventional expectations; she's about shattering them. "Leadership isn't about fitting into pre-established boxes. It's about being a whole person with a diverse range of experiences and perspectives—that’s where the gold is," she articulates. 


This isn't armchair philosophy; it's wisdom garnered from leading in high-risk environments and applying complex psychological theories in academia.


A Symphony of Roles: From Battlegrounds to Boardrooms

Nicki has long recognised the pitfalls of convenient labelling. "People love to say, 'She's an Army Officer, she's a Psychologist, she's into adventure and action sports.' But why pigeonhole? Why can't you embody all these facets?" she muses. This rich tapestry of experiences doesn't just make her intriguing; it makes her profoundly effective in teaching others how to break their own moulds.


The Empirical Case for Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are far from buzzwords for Nicki; they are imperatives rooted in hard data and personal conviction. "The evidence is clear: diverse teams outperform homogeneous ones. And what's true in a corporate setting is true in an outdoor adventure—the best outcomes arise from a blend of perspectives," she argues, leveraging her scholarly acumen and on-the-ground experiences.



Redefining Success Nicki shifts the paradigm on success. It isn’t a checklist of achievements to her; it's a cultivated state of being. “I don’t look at success as a destination but as a foundational belief. It's about knowing, deep down, that you have the tools and resources to face whatever life throws at you. That you'll not just survive, but thrive.” Lasting Impact: Transformation Beyond the Podium "Consulting and speaking are not one-and-done deals for me," she asserts. "My role actually starts when I step off the stage. I'm initiating a cycle of change, a dialogue. But like any conversation, it requires two participants. If the organisation isn't willing to engage, the seeds of transformation can't grow.” Charting What's Next As our conversation nears its end, it's evident that Nicki's story is far from over. She's on the brink of completing her doctoral research while eyeing her next physical challenge. "The journey isn't just about reaching your destination. It's about who you become along the way—the trials, the triumphs, and everything in between.” If you're seeking to break through the barriers of convention, to explore new vistas of professional, organisational development, then the opportunity to engage with Nicki is not to be missed. Connect with her to begin your own journey toward unparalleled resilience, leadership, and the ever-elusive treasure that is self-understanding.

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