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Updated: Aug 2, 2022

One of the biggest frustrations among high performers is that, over time, the tools and practices they’ve always counted on to move them toward their goals, suddenly begin to loose their effectiveness and don’t seem to work as they once did.

Instead, they become the very things that hold them back from moving to the next level.

For example, when you were first setting out on your journey, saying yes to every opportunity that came your way would almost certainly have been the right thing at the time.

Saying yes to everything now, for fear of missing an opportunity, only leads to a lack of focus, additional pressure, time shortage, and burnout.

The reality is that doing more of what got you to this point will not guarantee your next level of success; if anything, it will hold you back from even greater levels of achievement.

Time Over Money

A common trait of high performers is that they tend to value time over money.


  1. Because they understand that it’s in the moments of quiet time, during exercise or walks, that miracles occur; it’s when creativity happens and when their imagination comes alive.

  2. Because they understand the importance of rest and recovery to ensure growth.

  3. Because as a parent, they understand that they are the most influential role model for their children.

If you’re wanting to make some changes that will not only move you forward but also free up some space to improve your mental and physical wellbeing and enhance creativity, there are three questions you can ask yourself now, to begin the process:

  1. Can you do in 4 days what most would take 5 to do?

  2. Am I honestly taking enough time to rest and recover to ensure my growth?

  3. What do I want to be modelling for my children?

"What got you to your current high level of success was saying yes to almost every opportunity that arose.
What will move you to your next stage is saying no to most opportunities"

The reality however, is that unless you have a big enough yes, ‘no’ can be a very hard word to say.

If that’s you and you struggle to say no when put on the spot, buying yourself some time by suggesting you sleep on it can be hugely beneficial for both parties.

The truth is that you can’t possibly be at your best unless you create some space in your diary to think, create and re-set.

I’m going to take a wild guess that, on some level, you already know this; but sometimes it takes a conversation at a deeper level to see things as they are and make the changes you need.

If you’d like to talk, let’s clear some space and put some time aside.

Tracey Duke is a high performance coach and the host of the Dare To Dream podcast. Reach out for private 1:1 coaching sessions.

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