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Stress + Rest = Growth

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

If there is one overriding emotion that we have likely all been feeling of late, it is uncertainty. Because the truth is, no-one knows what’s ahead right now; it all still feels a little too fragile.

This unsettling feeling of uncertainty is driving us to do one of two things; nothing or everything.

If you fall into the everything camp, you’ll likely have spent the last year being more creative than you’ve ever been; pumping out content like never before in a drive to get further ahead, show leadership, and find the certainty you naturally crave.

This drive has left many high performers feeling exhausted and burnt out, trying to keep going and keep their head above water.

But, as we move into a new season, wherever in the world we may be, it’s vital to take stock and remember that we too have seasons; constant daily, weekly, monthly and yearly cycles.

These are difficult, unprecedented, times for sure, but we mustn’t lose sight of the understanding that there’s a time to push forward and there’s a time to rest; that doesn’t change.

As Brad Stulberg & Steve Magness put it so well in their best-selling book Peak Performance; Stress + Rest = Growth. Research demonstrates that, regardless of the task at hand, our output begins to suffer after two consecutive hours of hard work, with our best work being done in cycles of intense effort, followed by short breaks.

As a high performer, you’ll know that taking time out is not always easy, especially when it feels like the pressure is on and you are taking care of everyone, leading the way & guiding your teams & families through these times.

It may well feel uncomfortable to you, but the best gift you can give yourself, your team and family, is to take time to rest, physically and mentally, each day, week, and month; it is so vitally important for sustained growth and wellbeing.

If this sounds like you and you’d like to book a call for a chat, please drop me a confidential line. I’ll be more than happy to schedule a short call with you.

Tracey Duke is a mindset coach and the host of the Dare To Dream podcast which explores high performance. Reach out for private and group coaching sessions.

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