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The Flow State. How to reach it, experience it and thrive in it.

Do you ever experience days when it feels as though everything is going your way? When those obstacles that have been properly blocking your path for weeks dissolve. Opportunities appear to come out of no-where and, you begin to feel that, for some reason, life is flowing just that little bit smoother?

Admittedly, those days may have felt few and far between recently. When they do occur, it's so unexpected; a fluke almost.

One of the game-changing benefits of meditation is that a daily practice will all but guarantee that those fluid, smooth flowing, productive days are the norm, rather than the exception.

Why? Because by taking time each day to release the stress caused by excess daily demands, you'll notice that your consciousness begins to expand. By this, I mean that you’ll develop a razor-sharp focus and likely, increasingly, notice happy coincidences in your life. Often attracting the very people and opportunities you need.

The reason behind this development isn’t magic, although it may feel like it. No, this beautiful serendipity is a combination of your deepening intuition and the elimination of brain fog. Essentially your practice is allowing you to see life a little clearer, with more awareness of your surroundings.

As your confidence grows, the trust you have in your intuition and inner voice is strengthening and getting louder, which results in more decisive and meaningful actions. Even though you may be unsure of the reasoning.

Imagine you have an inner compass that has been a little off-kilter.

As you develop your meditation practice, you strengthen your internal compass, or GPS if you prefer, giving you sub-conscious, clear direction.

The mindfulness part of the session, discussed in The Game Changer, guides you towards a beautiful sensory experience of holding sight, sound, hearing, taste, and touch in your awareness at once. This practice will encourage an increased ability to be aware of many elements at once, when not meditating. This allows you to pick up on subtle clues that, in turn, will allow you to read situations faster and with more accuracy.

You’ll also find yourself able to see situations as they are, responding accordingly, rather than coming up with exaggerated versions of the truth & creating upset. From a personal point, don’t ever underestimate the importance of this one in your relationships.

As a leader how advantageous would it be to have the ability to, quickly, see to the core and accurately assess the bigger picture? Imagine how much time you could save and how much value you could bring to your relationships.

Being in this state of flow is not a new idea; a concept likely heard of before. It’s certainly one that many of my podcast guests discuss.

The Flow State is a term used to describe the mental state in which a person has optimal awareness; feeling and, performing at their best.

The term originated with positive psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihály (pronounced Mi Hi Chicksen Mi Hi).

Think of it as being in the zone. You've likely experienced it yourself when working on a project; time suddenly seems to stand still or slow down. Your instincts became finely tuned, everything falls into alignment, you feel as though you're on fire, plowing through your workload with ease and focus. It feels incredible. What you can accomplish in that space of time tends to far out-weigh your accomplishments when outside of flow state.

The human brain can achieve remarkable results when able to access higher states of consciousness: firing rapidly to churn out ideas and taking action.

So how do we enter the flow state? Well, we don’t just cross our fingers and hope the planets align for us.

The way to enter the flow state is to train your body and mind to effortlessly enter and then bring that state of consciousness into your waking state. Daily meditation practice will help you achieve this.

In summary, the important takeaway is that the key to being in a flow state resides in your inner state of being and has very little to do with external circumstances.

If curious, keen to dive in a little deeper, our online course Meditation - The Game Changer is ready and available for you to enroll in as soon as you are.

“Perception is the ability to see things as they truly are. When you can see the true meaning of something, you can see its true value. When you see its true value, you can assess its importance in your life”; Will Laitinen, CEO Exige International.
Dare to Dream. Season 2. The Search for Meaning.
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