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The truth about leadership

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

You may, or may not, have noticed a pop up on your feed recently, announcing that I’ve added a coaching practice to the mix, alongside my podcast.

Why? Because in my countless interviews with leaders and high achievers, I’ve found two common threads that are impossible for me to ignore; dark, flip sides to their success. The sides they'll rarely discuss openly.

The truth is, leadership is messy. Whether you’re leading a company, a sports team, or a country, it takes sacrifice and selflessness to be an effective leader. Despite outward appearances, it can very often be the loneliest role on the planet.

Great leaders are, without a doubt, selfless. But the flip side to this is that it can eventually lead to burnout as they consistently give more and more of themselves to those around them.

However, as a leader, it’s often not often appropriate for them to share their struggles with those around them; their board of directors, investors, senior team or clients. Sometimes there are struggles they feel unable even to share with their partner at home.

And so, their struggles remain hidden; silenced by the fear of judgment of those around them.

Along with this, there’s the need, as a leader, to want to shout about their achievements; they crave the opportunity to speak their truth and share what’s going on. And yet, as that leader, they’ll know it’s rarely appropriate to do so.

A great coach gets this and is there to create a safe space to talk; to vocalise mess-ups, screw-ups, and struggles.

A great coach creates a space where having to prove yourself isn’t on the agenda.

And that’s what I do. I create that safe space where you get to talk and where together we find the one insight that will help you move beyond your struggles; one session, one month at a time.

If you’d like a confidential chat, here’s the link to book a 20-minute call with me.

Let’s connect and see where it takes us.

Remember, freedom comes from owning your failures, mistakes, and screw-ups. It comes from safe conversation.

Tracey Duke is a high performance coach and the host of the Dare To Dream podcast. Reach out for private 1:1 coaching sessions.

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