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The Bridge 
A three day deep dive coaching retreat, in the heart of Devon.

"Old ghosts were laid to rest as a deep inner confidence made it's way the fore; turning the page on my next chapter"


Emma Puttock.  Founder & Director.

Children's Occupational Therapist 

With 2023 shaping up to be one of the more challenging years we've experienced in recent times, what would it mean to take a few days  to immerse yourself in a focused 1:1 coaching retreat & put yourself into the best possible position to face the year head on and thrive through it?

This 3 Day Deep Dive Coaching Retreat led by me, Tracey Duke, offers a powerful 1:1 experience and will allow you to do exactly that.


We will use our time to focus in on what truly matters to you & the challenges you are currently facing, diving deep into your:




& Financial Wellbeing

Staying as my guest in the beautiful & tranquil Summer House, nestled within the grounds of our family home, on the banks of the River Dart, this game changing coaching programme will focus on your past, present & future.

Designed to uncover & release the limiting beliefs that are holding you back, it will empower you to move forward into 2023 with renewed energy & focus.

Outside of coaching sessions, there’ll be opportunities to try a challenging outdoor activity with our friends at Land Rover, experience a relaxing, beautiful spa treatment at Bovey Castle, immerse yourself in nature and join me each evening for dinner & relaxed conversation.

2023 is shaping up to be one of the more challenging years we've experienced in recent times. We know that and there's no escaping it. 

However, we always have a choice.

We get through & survive it


We step into our full potential and thrive through it. 

Which do you choose?


Retreats 2023


Tuesday 6th - Friday 9th

Tuesday 20th - Friday 23rd


Tuesday 4th - Friday 7th 


Tuesday 12th - Friday 15th

Day 1

Arrive from 6pm

Day 1 will see you warmly welcomed & settled into the Summer House.

Taking inspiration from Scandinavian beach house simple living, the cool, calm whites & nautical blues, create a relaxing vibe that will ease you into a sense of calm & wellbeing.

Your beautiful light & open space is completed with a wood burner, kitchen, and a walk-in luxury wet room, with additional touches of luxury from Elemis & The White Company bed linen.

After settling in, we'll have dinner & conversation to set the tone, before a deep restful sleep against the backdrop of our beautiful forest setting beckons. 

Day 2

The Past

On Day 2 we’ll get going, with a deep dive into your past. This is your chance to tell your story & be heard in a way you’ve never been before.

By asking powerful questions to challenge your thinking & perspective, I’ll identify & draw out the common themes that have been recurring throughout your life. We’ll then work to release the beliefs that have been holding you back, to allow to move powerfully forward.

We'll end the day with a forest walk & dinner at a local pub. 

Day 3

The Future

Day 3 will take us into the future; creating the life you vision.  This is where we put a solid plan in place, take you beyond your comfort zone and create reference points to move you further than ever before.

What would you like to accomplish that if achieved would change everything?

What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve your goals?

What are you not willing to sacrifice? 

Following your challenge session in a brand new Defender, and in the safe hands of our friends at West Country LandRover Experience, we'll get a bite to eat before diving into your afternoon coaching session. 

We'll end the day with dinner either at our outdoor cooking table, or at our local award winning pub, The Sea Trout.

Day 4

The Present

Day 4 is where we get completely present.  It’s where we dive deep into what needs to change now, in the present, in order to create a future that works for you. 

What are you tolerating in your life or business?

What bores you?

What’s missing from your life or business?

And how do you keep it out? 

What are you doing that drains you but would energise someone else?

What’s working? What are you confident about?

Following our morning coaching session & lunch, we’ll wrap your retreat with a luxurious massage at nearby 5 Star Bovey Castle, leaving you relaxed, empowered and set for your journey home.

Moving Forward

Follow-up Session

Your retreat package doesn’t stop here though, but includes an hour long follow-up coaching session the following month, where we'll assess what's working and where you can adjust.

Your Investment

£1750 (excluding travel)

 "I went to Devon with an open mind & a willingness to listen, share, learn and reframe. If you have the chance to book a coaching retreat, don’t even hesitate to say yes. Do it!"  Emma

The Deep Dive Retreat is not for the faint hearted

It will challenge you in ways you may never have imagined; developing trust, intuition, confidence & vision.


It's for you if...


You are a leader100% committed to beginning the process of breaking down the barriers you feel are holding you back.

You list extraordinary leaders as your mentors and you appreciate the value & life-changing impact of investing in your personal growth.

You understand that the reason you believe you can benefit from a coaching retreat, may not be the actual reason - it may reveal something far deeper & profound. 

If you're shouting yes! to any or all of the above, let's have a chat and explore whether this game changing experience is a great fit for us both. 

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