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Mastering the Mic with Insider Tips & Game-Changing Strategies

The Art of Ethical Storytelling

Storytelling isn't just an art—it's a superpower. But with great power comes great responsibility. Discover how to elevate your narrative game with ethical storytelling, striking that delicate balance between compelling and considerate.

September '23

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Engaging the Audience

Step up your public speaking game to rockstar levels. This guide gives you the lowdown on how to connect with your audience—right down to their fleeting micro-expressions. Be the chameleon of the stage; pivot your tactics on the fly and leave them begging for an encore. 

September '23


Case Study - Gillian Keegan

Public speaking is a high-stakes arena that demands more than just a well-crafted speech. In this article, we dissect Education Secretary Gillian Keegan's recent PR challenges to unearth valuable lessons in communication and leadership. 

September '23

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Mastering the Art of Public Speaking: Your Essential Guide

Stepping into the spotlight of public speaking requires more than just words; it's an art form, blending preparation with genuine passion. Our essential guide, crafted with a blend of sophistication and actionable insight, will ensure your next talk is both memorable and impeccably delivered.

August '23


Case Study - England Rugby

England’s victory over Argentina in their opening game of RWC23, was not just a moment that lifted the nation - it was a game that, as a speaker, offers you a treasure trove of talking points - whatever your subject. Let me show you how to stay unapologetically current.

September '23


Case Study - Taylor Swift

There are few better teachers than Taylor Swift when it comes to mastering public perception. This case study dissects the strategic brilliance behind Taylor's career, offering crucial insights into mastery, narrative control, authentic reinvention, and calculated risk-taking.

September '23


Creating a Compelling Story Arc: The Style and Substance Every World-Class Speaker Needs

Ready to elevate your public speaking game from 'meh' to magnificent? Strap in. We're diving into the storytelling toolkit to master the art of the story arc for an emotional thrill ride your audience won't forget.

September '23

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