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The 90 Day Journey

A 90 day deep dive with extraordinary results.

The 90 Day Journey is for you if you are serious about moving to the next level, yet know that on a sub-conconscious level you still need to let go the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. 

It's for you if you live with purpose and are 100% committed to your personal growth.  

It’s a journey led by you, that will dive deep, release the barriers holding you back and reveal the insights you need to move forward.

Over the 90 days we work together, I’ll create the space for you to talk, explore, let go of what has served its purpose and reframe outdated thought processes.

Your time. Your space. Your opportunity to truly move towards the life you desire. 

My work is to help you move towards your greatest potential.  

To do this, it takes trust on both parts.

I will ask the difficult questions. I will challenge your thinking. And I will dive deep with you.

Yes, the process may unearth areas you've yet to deal with, but I have absolute trust in my ability to work through this with you. 

if we're working together, I will have unwavering trust in you too. 

If that’s you, if you’re resonating with my words, then let’s have a 30 minute chat to explore in depth where you are right now and whether working together is a good fit.

If we find ourselves on the same page, we’ll take it from there and discuss next steps.

If we part ways at this point, be assured that I will always leave you with a positive takeaway.

If however we move forward, your investment will secure:

  • A 90 day transformational programme with me, Tracey

  • 1hr weekly 1:1 sessions via Zoom

  • Video & audio recordings of each call

  • Consultation and support between calls as required

  • Complimentary, lifetime, quarterly coaching calls

If you're ready, let's talk. 

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