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Creating A Compelling Story Arc
The Style and Substance Every World-Class Speaker Needs

Hey, we get it—you’re not here to blend in. Far from it! You’re aiming to deliver a talk that’s not just memorable but monumental. So how do you take your speech from an informational lecture to an emotional rollercoaster? The answer lies in mastering the art of the story arc. Allow us to break it down for you.

Open Textbook in Library

Open Book, Open Minds


Think of your speech as that epic novel you can't put down—a killer opening line, a plot that thickens with every twist and turn, reaching a climax that's nothing short of monumental, then winding down with some solid closure. Your audience? They're the captive readers, clinging to every word. Let's break down your narrative like it's the next bestseller...

The Elements, Unveiled

Setting the Stage

Why Bother? Because first impressions aren't just for job interviews and first dates.

Pro Tip: Hook 'em with a question they didn’t know they had or present a problem that keeps them up at night.

Iconic Example: Simon Sinek starts his famed TED Talk with a game-changing question about why some companies succeed while others don’t. He didn't just set the stage; he built a damn theater.

Building Tension: The Slow Burn

Why Bother? Because no one remembers a flatliner.
Pro Tip: Gradually add layers of complexity, suspense, or urgency. Think of it as adding seasoning to a dish—you don't want to throw it all in at once.

Iconic Example: Michelle Obama at the 2020 DNC kept us on the edge of our seats by escalating America's challenges like a plot twist in a thriller.

The Climax: Mic Drop Moment

Why Bother? Because this is where you go from speaker to rockstar.

Pro Tip: Use your most powerful data point, quote, or anecdote here. Make it unforgettable.

Iconic Example: Think Jonny Wilkinson's World Cup winning drop goal - enough said.  

Offering Solutions: The Rescue Plan

Why Bother? You’ve led them up a mountain; now guide them down.

Pro Tip: Lay out a roadmap for action or change. But keep it realistic, please; this isn’t a Marvel movie.

Iconic Example: Greta Thunberg didn’t just tell world leaders they were failing; she told them how not to fail.

Wrapping Up: The Encore

Why Bother? Closure is sexy.

Pro Tip: Summarise, but don’t regurgitate. Give them the “So what?” for all the info you’ve just dropped.

Iconic Example: Jobs’ “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” mantra. Enough said.

Keep the Fire Alive

No-one becomes a world-class speaker overnight. But you’ve got the blueprint now. From the timeless wisdom of Steve Jobs to the fiery passion of Greta Thunberg, these storytelling elements are your ticket to the big leagues. If you want to dive a little deeper - give me a shout. We're here to make this happen for you.

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