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The East Coast Retreat
coming soon...

Led by Leadership & Elite Sports Coach, Phil Aiken, The East Coast Three Day Deep Dive, in Essex, will harness the raw power of the ocean to challenge & move you powerfully forward. 

This immersive, challenging experience will explore your past, future & present, helping you realise optimal wellbeing & performance. 


Phil has taken an unconventional approach to most things in life, adeptly using the questions of “Why? And “Why not?” to achieve desirable outcomes on the road less travelled.


Phil served alongside the Medical Car driver as a chaplain serving in the intense motor racing environments of Formula One and alongside the senior chaplain of NASCAR. In training and preparation for these roles Phil was exposed to the rigours of Critical Incident Stress Debriefing and had the privilege of being one of the few non-medical participants for the Advanced Trauma Life Support course.


Seeking to understand and address the high and unseen incidences of mental anguish and destructive behaviours of those in elite sport, Phil trained as a Performance and Executive Coach, enhancing his innate skills by becoming an NLP Practitioner.


Wellbeing in elite sport became the subject of the dissertation for his Masters at Loughborough University, where he sought to understand the lived experience of athletes throughout their sporting journey and in turn highlight those areas for proactive engagement. This research has gone on to provide a foundation for exploring a benchmark for wellbeing in elite sport.


An Essex boy who breaks all the stereotypical moulds, Phil is totally at home in, on or under the water, whether at the helm of a powerboat, the foredeck of a racing yacht, or beneath the waves with goggles and fins. Being a father to two teenage rugby-playing sons provides some extra motivation for Phil to maintain his fitness, supplementing strength and cardio training with road and mountain-bike excursions for endurance.


Sharing his passion for the outdoors provides a wonderful opportunity for individuals or small teams to embark on the journey to live life to the full.

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