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Tracey Duke

Your Story. Powerfully Told

Welcome to a world where big dreams are nurtured, celebrated, and made into reality. Here you are so much more than your dreams: you're a doer, an achiever, an entrepreneur poised to make a significant impact.


Here, you're never alone on your journey. I'm with you every step of the way as your coach, publicist, and unwavering champion.

Hi. I'm Tracey and my one big belief is in the power of grand visions and the understanding that that vision needs support.


You see, dreams are transformative, not just for you, but for the world. Your dreams have the potential to change landscapes, inspire minds, and revolutionise industries. And it's my mission to support you in reaching these entrepreneurial heights. This belief has been the guiding light in over 3 decades of working within media and publishing.

During my journey I've spearheaded global legacy projects, chased my own dreams and achieved my own success. I've interviewed and worked with leading entrepreneurs, athletes, adventurers, veterans and CEOs of global organisations, helping them share their stories and reach their audience.

But my work goes beyond that of a traditional publicist. I'm also a coach, preparing you for each next step of your professional journey. 

And that's why I'm here: to guide you, to refine your skills, to optimise your opportunities, and most importantly, to champion your growth. My mission is to ensure that your journey of transformation doesn't just change your life, but resonates throughout the world. 

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